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    Choosing the Right Mask: What You Need to Know

    Choosing the Right Mask: What You Need to Know

    Thanks to COVID-19, things like physical distancing and wearing masks is now considered normal to help keep yourself and others safe. However, when you start looking for the perfect mask, you may get overwhelmed with all the options. After all, the right mask isn’t the same for every situation.

    For example, if you are playing sports or working out, consider a mask with stretchy, soft material, such as polyester or spandex. These materials can help wick sweat away during any type of intense physical activity if you are sweating.

    However, what if you need a mask that makes it easier to breathe while you have it on? In this case, look for masks that are made from several layers of tightly woven cotton, linen, or a cotton-polyester material.

    What Masks Should You Avoid?

    Sometimes, depending on the material, masks may not be helpful. If this is the case, it means you should avoid them.

    Try to avoid any mask made out of fleece. A recent study has proven if you wear a mask made of fleece, it will increase the respiratory droplets that are released in the air. Also, neck gaiters are problematic. That’s because these are made of thinner and “stretchier” materials. This may not help trap droplets effectively.

    Tips for Selecting the Right Mask for Your Needs

    If you are looking for a mask or have decided to make your own, there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the one best suited for your needs. These things include:

    The Right Fit

    It is essential to find a mask that fits snuggly around your face. The key is to make sure it is not too constricting.


    Try to find tight woven, multi-layered cotton. Never wear fleece masks. This doesn’t provide the right level of filtration.

    Moisture Wicking

    Fabrics that are soft and stretchy like polyester or spandex will pull moisture away from the skin. This means it will help you stay cooler.

    Easy to Put on and Stays in Place

    Any mask you wear should be easy to secure with ties or ear loops.

    Long Term Use

    Can you wash the mask? Will it retain its shape without any damage after you wash it? Be sure to read reviews of a mask to find the answers to these questions before buying a mask.

    Finding the Right Mask for Your Needs

    When it comes to the right mask, there are a lot of considerations and factors to keep in mind. Take some time to review the information here to find a mask that works for you.

    Keep in mind, just because you need a mask to protect you and others, it does not mean it cannot be stylish. There is an array of different patterns and looks you can choose from to get a mask that is just as unique as you are. Just keep the tips and recommendations here in mind to ensure that you get a mask that suits your needs.

    Adapting to the Times

    Adapting to the Times

    At Penelope Wildberry, we are hard at work pivoting to address all of the troublesome issues around the disastrous condition that we find ourselves in around the country.


    Coronavirus has changed everything. It changes where we go, who we see, how we shop and how we work. It changes our kids’ schedules, too, for example, as the virulent debate around school reopening continues while September nears.


    Coronavirus has changed business, too. No industry is entirely immune, and many businesses have closed up shop entirely, because they just can't make their business model work during COVID.


    We're still here trying to get you the best expressive products for your personal wardrobe or your family closet. Here's some of what we've done as coronavirus assails the American economy.


    Getting the Masks Out


    We've been focusing specifically on our top-tier line of facemasks. Many governors have now mandated facemasks in any indoor business area, or for public gatherings where people can't stay 6 feet apart. Since that's most places we would otherwise tend to go on a normal day, people are going to need a lot of masks.


    Our custom, personalized masks are uniquely made, with great craftsmanship and adorned with expressive designs that help you to stay positive and confident, even in this type of unanticipated emergency. Take a look at our full catalog of interesting facemask designs for you and the whole family. If you're going to be wearing these things everywhere you go, you might as well get something out of it. You don't have to walk around in one of those generic medical type masks, looking like you're a dental hygienist. Although we love dental hygienists! Shout out to you guys for all you do! In fact, we really appreciate the hard work of all of our medical professionals, our first responders, our teachers, and everyone else who is doing heroic work to keep us all afloat these days.


    Coronavirus Slowdowns


    If you look on the website, you'll see that we have, sadly, had to delay some of the shipping of other products. That's due to mandatory lockdowns by the governor of the state of Nevada where we are. Has your governor put similar rules in place? Obviously this leads to challenges in developing a new normal. We're trying our best to do that, for our customers and for ourselves. Our mentality is that we will get through this, and we want to try to keep people's spirits up during this time. Wearing a bright mask can make your day a little better – as least, that’s what we’re hoping!

    Face Masks And Kids-What Every Parent Should Know

    Face Masks And Kids-What Every Parent Should Know

    It seems almost like common sense for an adult to put a mask on; however, things are a bit different for kids. Not only can masks be challenging to put on or scary to look at, but this is also very outside the norm for children. However, we have some great tips of advice that will help you make sure your kids not only wear their masks but enjoy wearing them.

    The Fit

    The most important thing about a face mask for a child is the size. If the mask is an adult size mask, chances are it will not fit, and it will annoy the child. You can avoid this by purchasing masks that are offered either in child sizes or in small or extra small sizes. If a mask is too large on a child, it will go as far as to block their vision, and it just becomes a nuisance.

    The Design

    A mask that you are handed in the doctor's office is likely not going to be much fun for a kid to wear. It's kind of like handing a child a white t-shirt and expecting them to be excited about it. You can avoid this by getting a reusable and washable mask that has the child's favorite colors, patterns, or characters. If the mask is cool to wear, there will be much less protesting about the actual mask.


    You won't want to wait until your child has to wear a mask to start practicing and working on the concept. Start with it as a game and practice in the house. When the time comes that your child needs to wear one in public, they will understand how to put it on, the proper way to wear it, and potentially even why it is essential.

    Disposable or Reusable For Kids

    If you have been a parent long enough, you know that anything that children touch needs to washed quite often. Kids tend to make a mess of things within minutes. A mask for kids will not last long at all if it is disposable. Having an option that you can toss in the wash after a day out and about is the best solution for a kid. If you can't wash the mask, you will end up going through quite a few masks in a short period. The washable masks are also much more affordable.

    Touching The Mask

    This is where a little bit of strategic parenting is going to come into place. If you continually touch your mask, it is not practical. Getting a kid to understand this can be quite difficult. Try and come up with some superhero strategies or a reward system that helps your kid keeps their hands off their mouth and face, even with the mask on.

    If you want to find some stylish, proper fitting masks for your kids, we have tons of options. Let your kids see all the patterns and our happy customers with their masks on. The fabric and the patterns are going to appeal to children of all ages!

    Brighten Up Your Family’s Day With Fun Face Masks

    Brighten Up Your Family’s Day With Fun Face Masks

    While many family summer vacations may have been put on hold, we at Penelope Wildberry understand how important it is to keep spirits up during these uncertain times. The recent health crisis may have put a damper on some of the fun our children look forward to every year, but we can do what we can to brighten up their days while we wait to hear all is clear to get back to our normal routines. 

    From Vacation To Staycation

    Penelope Wildbery has focused primarily on fun and trendy styles in vacation totes, snuggly blankets, and eye-catching comfort wear for teens that we can just imagine them enjoying on their long car ride to the Grand Canyon or their flights to the Florida Keys. But the airlines are grounded and our cars are hanging out in our driveways much more than usual this time of year, keeping our families home when they would rather be out enjoying their summer plans. 

    Making Spirits Bright

    We decided that we would ad our fun flare to an accessory that has recently become mainstream, mixing our wild and uplifting prints with the smart and safety of the face mask that is now worn to protect ourselves and others. The idea that a face mask can be both fashionable and protective makes it easier to be adopted into the entire family, and more eagerly worn when needed. 

    Our exciting prints speak to the individual personalities of those who choose them, giving our children, and ourselves, the personalized touch that we so desperately long for in our fashion. Made from 88% Poly and 12% Spandex moisture-wicking material, these masks are intended to protect you and your loved ones from touching your face and from dust and particles that may make you sick.

    Keeping Your Family Safe

    While our masks are not intended to be the level of an N95 healthcare worker’s mask, they are protective gear that you can be confident about your family wearing out in public areas. Your children can choose from a variety of patterns that speak to their individual expression of style, making them more amenable to wearing the masks when you need them to. 

    From basic black styles to extreme tye die looks, your family can each have their own mask. As we have kept the pricing affordable, you can each have more than one mask if you so choose. Our mission is to keep you stylishly safe until we are able to ship you our fabulous fashion and accessories again.

    Beautiful Blankets

    Beautiful Blankets

    Sometimes you just want to wrap up in a warm, soft, snuggly blanket and hunker down by the fireplace, or in a lounge chair or a sofa, or in your bed, drifting off to sleep. No matter what age you are, all of us love a good soft blanket. At least most of us do. Lots of parents like to buy these to pamper their little ones, but then many of them end up hogging the blanket later – because it's just so comfortable!

    There's something about nestling into your nook with a nice blanket as the autumn season puts a chill in the air, and then, when you're in the throes of winter, having extra blankets around never hurts!

    We have abundantly soft, luxurious blankets with some of our best bright designs to combine comfort with an attractive style that your fashionista family members will love. Whether it's doing its duty as part of a pillow fort or wrapping up someone who's sitting taking that day's first sip of coffee, our blankets will be up to the test.

    Blanket Designs

    Is your child a gamer, a wordsmith, an athlete? We have all of these plus more, with paisley and tie-dye patterns and fashion prints that your little ones can wrap up in. Really, though, our designs are for all ages, and including the young at heart – eye-catching color and bright, bold, and elegant design make our blankets unique. Too many companies never really invest in their products – they just invest in advertising. We put hard work into the design to give you something really unique that you can love for a long time. 

    Hoodie Blankets

    Adding an additional hoodie component to our blankets makes them even more comfortable – and they have been known to make both kids and pups look extra-adorable! Outfit your ears and neck with our hoodie blanket products and check out our site for much more, including our full line of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and more. All of it comes with our seal of approval and a promise that your stuff will be sent to you with care. 

    Shipping in Coronavirus Times

    We made sure to put a disclaimer right up top where you can see it, to let people know that our shipping process is operating slower than usual. Please allow 14 days for shipments – it's not that we haven't processed your order – it's just that we're working overtime to try to respond to this new reality. We'll get through this together. Thank you, and happy shopping