Adapting to the Times

At Penelope Wildberry, we are hard at work pivoting to address all of the troublesome issues around the disastrous condition that we find ourselves in around the country.


Coronavirus has changed everything. It changes where we go, who we see, how we shop and how we work. It changes our kids’ schedules, too, for example, as the virulent debate around school reopening continues while September nears.


Coronavirus has changed business, too. No industry is entirely immune, and many businesses have closed up shop entirely, because they just can't make their business model work during COVID.


We're still here trying to get you the best expressive products for your personal wardrobe or your family closet. Here's some of what we've done as coronavirus assails the American economy.


Getting the Masks Out


We've been focusing specifically on our top-tier line of facemasks. Many governors have now mandated facemasks in any indoor business area, or for public gatherings where people can't stay 6 feet apart. Since that's most places we would otherwise tend to go on a normal day, people are going to need a lot of masks.


Our custom, personalized masks are uniquely made, with great craftsmanship and adorned with expressive designs that help you to stay positive and confident, even in this type of unanticipated emergency. Take a look at our full catalog of interesting facemask designs for you and the whole family. If you're going to be wearing these things everywhere you go, you might as well get something out of it. You don't have to walk around in one of those generic medical type masks, looking like you're a dental hygienist. Although we lovedental hygienists! Shout out to you guys for all you do! In fact, we really appreciate the hard work of all of our medical professionals, our first responders, our teachers, and everyone else who is doing heroic work to keep us all afloat these days.


Coronavirus Slowdowns


If youlook on the website, you'll see that we have, sadly, had to delay some of the shipping of other products. That's due to mandatorylockdowns by the governor of the state of Nevada where we are. Has your governor put similar rules in place? Obviously this leads to challenges in developing a new normal. We're trying our best to do that, for our customers and for ourselves. Our mentality is that we will get through this, and we want to try to keep people's spirits up during this time. Wearing a bright mask can make your day a little better – as least, that’s what we’re hoping!