Brighten Up Your Family’s Day With Fun Face Masks

While many family summer vacations may have been put on hold, we atPenelope Wildberry understand how important it is to keep spirits up during these uncertain times. The recent health crisis may have put a damper on some of the fun our children look forward to every year, but we can do what we can to brighten up their days while we wait to hear all is clear to get back to our normal routines. 

From Vacation To Staycation

Penelope Wildberyhas focused primarily on fun and trendy styles in vacation totes, snuggly blankets, and eye-catching comfort wear for teens that we can just imagine them enjoying on their long car ride to the Grand Canyon or their flights to the Florida Keys. But the airlines are grounded and our cars are hanging out in our driveways much more than usual this time of year,keeping our families homewhen they would rather be out enjoying their summer plans. 

Making Spirits Bright

We decided that we would ad our fun flare to an accessory that has recently become mainstream, mixing our wild and uplifting prints with the smart and safety of the face mask that is now worn to protect ourselves and others. The idea that a face mask can be both fashionable and protective makes it easier to be adopted into the entire family, and more eagerly worn when needed. 

Our exciting prints speak to the individual personalities of those who choose them, giving our children, and ourselves, the personalized touch that we so desperately long for in our fashion. Made from 88% Poly and 12% Spandex moisture-wicking material, these masks are intended to protect you and your loved ones from touching your face and from dust and particles that may make you sick.

Keeping Your Family Safe

While our masks are not intended to be the level of anN95healthcare worker’s mask, they are protective gear that you can be confident about your family wearing out in public areas. Your children can choose from a variety of patterns that speak to their individual expression of style, making them more amenable to wearing the masks when you need them to. 

From basic black styles to extreme tye die looks, your family can each have their own mask. As we have kept the pricing affordable, you can each have more than one mask if you so choose. Our mission is to keep you stylishly safe until we are able to ship you our fabulous fashion and accessories again.