Color and Style (and Resistance in the Time of COVID19)

At Penelope Wildberry, we've always been about bright colors and eye-catching designs. Now we have used that same business model to embrace the new times that we're all living in. Let's face it – this new reality is not what any of us would have liked and not what most of us would ever imagine! Getting through it will require change – a lot of it. 

Nowadays, at our website, you'll be directed to our top-selling line of colorful masks. These are not your everyday white or gray respirator masks that you used to see on construction workers or in industrial workplaces.

We have hot pink, camouflage,bright bluebird blues, and fire engine reds. We have sports-themed patterns and cool goth styles, as well as tie-dye patterns and gaming-themed masks, too. These masks will look great with your scrubs or your work gear, or on your face as you head down to the market. 

Bringing Masks to the People

We have heard a lot of confusing things over the past few weeks about masks! Anyway, we are proud to be part of sourcing these products for those who need them. There's a big move to distribute masks – people sewing, cutting fabric, and constructing respirator face masks out of anything that's handy.

Our masks are neatly made with particular style and substance to fit the wearer's face and protect from germs and other nasty stuff in the air. Masks protect you – but they can make you feel safer, too, and that's important in a time where so much is painfully uncertain. Also, we have not jacked up the prices – many of these unique designs are priced at $10.00, and they're worth every penny. 

All Of Our Other Stuff

From the "masks" page, you can go to check out all of the garments and accessories we offer, again, in those bright colors that help to add visual impact to your life. Think about the difference between dressing your children in drab grays and browns, or having them be excited to get up in the morning and put onhot pastel colors of their choice, or their favorite superhero patterns. Check out our Instagram feed for more neat visuals. That's the kind of style that we like to sell atPenelope Wildberry – a style that helps to make your lives brighter – even in the COVID-19 era. We WILL get through this – together!