Cuddle Up!


Who doesn't love fall? A time of sweaters and pumpkins and Halloween, and that slight chill in the air.

This fall is different - we're all living under the concern and anxiety that comes with a global pandemic – but it’s still fall! There’s no reason we can’t enjoy this excellent season. 

Luckily, we do have a pretty practical and effective solution that's keeping many of us relatively safe. It consists of wearing a mask over your face when you're with people!

At Penelope Wildberry, we have quickly pivoted to this line of merchandise, offering stylish, comfortable, and custom masks available through our e-commerce store. We also have wonderful luxurious colorful blankets.

What do these two things have in common?

What both of these products have in common is the value of comfortable design.

Just like our blankets, our masks are soft and comfortable, with a design that gives you a cuddly feeling. Cuddle up with your favorite fall beverage, oron a porch swing, or on top of a wild mountain, and wrap yourself in a soft blanket, and if you need to use a mask, pull one of our velvety soft designs over your face. Embrace the positive feeling of being at home with yourself and those around you!

Embracing this principle makes many of us happier and better able to enjoy ourselves this fall. That’s part of our vision in creating and shipping these products in the first place. A soft touch is worth a lot – and comfort helps us to come at every day’s challenges from a better starting point. Sobrew your favorite fall drink, get your comfy blanket and mask, and more for the little ones, and enjoy telling a story or singing a song, or just “being” – out in the fall air, or inside by the fire, or around the television. Whatever feels right to you. Taking the time to appreciate the beauty and comfort of the fall season is a tradition we can’t afford to lose. We want to be part of that!

Get more details on the web site. We are working hard to get you the best service that we can under the current realities that we are dealing with. We are positive about our business and our customers, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take a look at our colorful stuff and be sure to look forward to a great holiday season!