Deck Out Your Child’s Dorm with Penelope Wildberry

Going to college is a huge milestone for your recent grad. With their first foray into independence looming on the horizon, they’re going to want to find a way to express themselves creatively in their new college dorm. While there are a lot of things that you’re going to be worrying about while they’re away at college – are they eating enough? making friends? studying? – how they’ll accessorize their doom room is something that can be accomplished with zero stress or fuss with the many cute, cozy accessories we offer!

Make the Bedroom a Safe Haven

After an all-day cram sesh in the library, all your son or daughter will want to do is escape to their dorm to unwind. (If they continue their studying back in their room, more power to them!) Make their bed the perfect place to relax with a few strategically placed items to help them feel like they can truly sink into their mattress and push their cares away.

A plush boyfriend pillow can help them support their back as they browse the internet on their laptop or highlight some class notes before the big exam tomorrow. Of course, if it’s chilly in their dorm room, they can always slip into a patterned onesie or pull their comforter up to their chest to shake the cold weather off.

Extend the Luxury into the Bathroom

The bathrooms at your child’s college aren’t exactly spa accommodations, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cut corners on helping them add fun little elements to their bathroom tote. If they’re into wearing makeup, a fun little cosmetic bag can hold all the essentials they need to glam up before class.

Adding a soft floor mat to the bathroom floor can give them a clean place to rest their feet once they finish their shower. They’ll also want to dry off with a fresh towel after they wash off, too. (Psst – you may want to stock up on a few so they don’t run out between laundry days!) Finally, while they’re waiting for their hair to dry, they can bundle up in a fuzzy robe to stay warm and modest before they get dressed.

Bring Us to School with You!

No matter your child’s age, they’re always going to be your baby. You’ll go out of your way to make sure they are happy, whether they’re studying at the local college or going to a university in the next state over. You can help ensure that they have a fun selection of dormitory accessories while they are at school by stocking up for the semester with the wide assortment of customizable and unique items we carry in stock!