Face Masks And Kids-What Every Parent Should Know

It seems almost like common sense for an adult to put a mask on; however, things are a bit different for kids. Not only can masks be challenging to put on or scary to look at, but this is also very outside the norm for children. However, we have some great tips of advice that will help you make sure your kids not only wear their masks but enjoy wearing them.

The Fit

The most important thing about a face mask for a child is the size. If the mask is an adult size mask, chances are it will not fit, and it will annoy the child. You can avoid this by purchasing masks that are offered either in child sizes or in small or extra small sizes. If a mask is too large on a child, it will go as far as to block their vision, and it just becomes a nuisance.

The Design

A mask that you are handed in the doctor's office is likely not going to be much fun for a kid to wear. It's kind of like handing a child a white t-shirt and expecting them to be excited about it. You can avoid this by getting a reusable and washable mask that has the child's favorite colors, patterns, or characters. If the mask is cool to wear, there will be much less protesting about the actual mask.


You won't want to wait until your child has to wear a mask to start practicing and working on the concept. Start with it as a game and practice in the house. When the time comes that your child needs to wear one in public, they will understand how to put it on, the proper way to wear it, and potentially even why it is essential.

Disposable or Reusable For Kids

If you have been a parent long enough, you know that anything that children touch needs to washed quite often. Kids tend to make a mess of things within minutes. A mask for kids will not last long at all if it is disposable. Having an option that you can toss in the wash after a day out and about is the best solution for a kid. If you can't wash the mask, you will end up going through quite a few masks in a short period. The washable masks are also much more affordable.

Touching The Mask

This is where a little bit of strategic parenting is going to come into place. If you continually touch your mask, it is not practical. Getting a kid to understand this can be quite difficult. Try and come up with some superhero strategies or a reward system that helps your kid keeps their hands off their mouth and face, even with the mask on.

If you want to find some stylish, proper fitting masks for your kids, we have tons of options. Let your kids see all the patterns and our happy customers with their masks on. The fabric and the patterns are going to appeal to children of all ages!