For Teenage Girls, VSCO Trend More Than Just Fashion

Teenage girls love to stay current in their fashion, always keeping up with the latest trends and having fun making them their own. For teenage girls, the need to shine brightly while fitting into a crowd is adefinitive part of this period in their lives as they seek to relay to the world who they are through their clothing and style choices. 

Discovering their sense of style and what makes them feel authentic is an important creative outlet for many girls who have distinct points of view. At the forefront of the most popular of style trends is what Generation Z has termed“VSCO”. Derived from the name of a popular phone editing and photo app, VSCO has become synonymous with an entire style of clothing and accessories embraced by middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college teens.  

The VSCO Trend 

The VSCO trend is somewhat an enigma in the style world, as it involves owning a specific set of products, which represents a shift in teen culture’s strong brand associations. This trend is largely driven by a uniform look, which enables teens to look like they belong to a group or fit into the crowd. The VSCO girl wears loungewear with iconic prints and patterns, oversized t-shirts and hoodies, and lounge pants and shorts. 

While this trend vibe is summery and beachy, it is capable of transitioning through the school year as teens adapt pieces to be more wearable in winter, and as designers create a broader uniform base to meet those needs. The key element in this look is to appear relaxed and comfortable, yet on point with brand and messaging. 

Embracing the VSCO Style 

With bold and unique patterns,Penelope Wildberry has made everything possible for every girl to be able to express herself through VSCO style. These patterns offer new twists on favorite pieces such assnuggly hoodies, lounge pants, andlounge shorts. Teen girls are drawn to the traditional lines and funky patterns that mix just the right amount of attitude with comfort. 

As indicative of this trend, accessories are of utmost importance to pulling off the entire look. Water bottles are a must, as well as various bags, blankets, and of course scrunchies. Pulling off this trend is all about embracing a lifestyle that incorporates these accessories into daily routines, accepting its broader branding than simply fashion.

New designs by popularPenelope Wildberry exemplify these vibrant ages by capturing the true essence of creative teenage girls, whether through VSCO style or their own unique perspective.  Girls will love the quality, comfort, and dynamic materials of this brand that gives them the look they want with the wearability they require.