Something Exciting – New Garment Products

At Penelope Wildberry, we have just started to offer our unique garment products to our online customer base!


If you go to the landing page, it doesn't look like it did just a couple of months ago. That's because we added a full range of interesting and visually appealing clothes and accessories for your little ones.



We’re expanding on that original philosophy of offering high-quality, colorful gear that can really help to enhance your child's routine. When you look back at prior posts, you'll see how we talk about the power of color and visuals to excite your tot and brighten your child's day…these colors really are impressive. And we match that with a dedication to design, and customer service through our bespoke ecommerce portal.




Some of our new products are loungewear and leggings that feature our traditional iconic cartoons and other graphic designs.


We bring the same vibrant color to our loungewear that we did to our blankets and masks previously. Get shorts or sweatpants featuring our artists’ excellent patterns and decorations, clothes and accessories that you and your children will treasure, especially in the winter as yousnuggle up to a roaring fire, or huddle around the heating vents, or settle in for a home movie.


Tote Bags


Now you can also get tote bag products from Penelope Wildberry to stow your stuff in at home or on the go.


Our tote bags are versatile and durable, but they’re also bright and colorful, just like the rest of our stuff. Check them out on the online catalog to see what kinds of designs are available. Our heart and star designs are very popular. We also have smaller ‘sling bags’ with straps for kids on the go, whether they’re rolling off to sports, chess, music, dance or otherextracurriculars.


Other Accessories


That’s not all of the new stuff that we have atPenelope Wildberry – how about a fuzzy robe for your kid, or a luxurious bath towel that he or she can wrap up in? We also have play mats to make your child’s space his or her own.


Take a look, because we’ve been building this out lately – with an excitement for the future and the holiday season. We’re all being careful for COVID, but we still have hope that we will soon get through this and come back even stronger, with our sense of fun and humor intact! Bookmark us because we will be working hard to keep our orders going out to our customers.