Summer Camp Essentials

Summer is quickly approaching, and children will hopefully be heading out on summer camp adventures, which means it’s time for you to pack. Most overnight summer camps provide basics for your child, but it ensures smooth sailing to include them just in case. Also, many children feel most comfortable having their essentials; you can choose the quality of the products yourself and feel confident that they have what they need. The following are our top essential items to pack for your child’s summer camp; even if it is a day camp, a few of these are still must-haves.

Water And Sun Essentials

While you may consider swimsuits a given, you’d be surprised to realize how many get left out of the suitcase and beach bag in the hustle and bustle of packing. Most camps involve watersports such as swimming and kayaking, so including more than one swimsuit may be necessary for the type of events that will take place. Water shoes or flip flops are a must, especially around streams and rocky shores, for foot protection and grip. Don’t forget to throw in your child’s favorite beach towel or bathrobe to keep them warm, dry, and snuggly.

Sunglasses, visors, and hats keep the bright sunlight from damaging the eyes; it’s a good idea to send your least expensive hats and sunglasses as often they get misplaced or left behind. Include sunscreen to keep your child from blistering, most camps have sunscreen on hand, but you can’t be too careful when it comes to your child’s delicate skin.

Bug Spray

Bug spray can save your child from the misery of bug bites. Bug sprays, lotions, and roll-on products come in a variety of organic and non-organic options. It is recommended that if your family doesn’t already have a favorite but-deterrent productthat you purchase a few in advance to ensure your child is comfortable using it and doesn’t give them negative side-effects. Make sure your child knows how much to use and when to use it.

Disposable Camera

It may sound old-school in this digital age of smartphones, but a disposable camerawill help your child safely capture memories of their fun. Even an old digital camera that you are not attached to will work, just as long as the batteries are new and a charger is included. Otherwise, stick to what you know will work and give your kids the experience of taking pictures that get developed; exposure is everything.

Summer camps offer opportunities for having fun, learning new things, and making lifetime memories. You can help make sure your child gets off to a great start by packing these essential summer camp items.