The Penelope Wildberry Guide to Gift Giving

As your child gets older and starts to test the boundaries of their independence, it can seem challenging trying to pick out the perfect birthday or holiday gift for them. As a tween or a teenager, they’re slowly moving away from things like dolls and other toys and are starting to find other ways to express themselves creatively. Their hobbies and interests can often vary, making it even more tricky to pick out the perfect gift for them. To take the guesswork out of choosing an amazing present for the child in your life, we here at Penelope Wildberry have curated this selection of fun, cozy, and unique gift ideas to help celebrate your daughter – no matter what the occasion may be!

A Fun and Quirky Cosmetics Bag

If your child is at that age that she wants to start experimenting with makeup, why not encourage her habit by picking out her very own cosmetics bag to hold all of her lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes? Our bags come in an assortment of quirky and playful patterns, making it easy to choose the perfect one for her.

A Fresh Set of Comfy PJs

A good night’s sleep requires a set of comfortable pajamas. After all, nobody wants rough or scratchy fabrics keeping them tossing and turning all night! For the cooler months, we offer long-sleeved crops and lounge pants with adorable logos and designs on them. For summertime, you can choose from our seamless tanks and shorts, as well.

Plush Pillows (for Lounging or Studying!)

If your tween likes to retreat to her bedroom after dinner, whether it’s to read a good book or to crack open her textbooks to study, you want to make sure you give her perfectly plush and inviting pillows to relax upon. We offer both boyfriend pillows as well as adorable decorative, fuzzy pillows too!

Toasty Robes for Cold Nights

For those nights that the temperatures dip into chilly levels, the last thing you want is your child shivering and miserable from the cold. Why not gift her a fuzzy robe with her favorite pattern or design on it? Not only will she look as cute as a button, she’ll also be as snug as a bug when she wraps it around herself!

There’s nothing more disappointing than watching your child open a gift and see their face fall as you missed the mark on what they wanted. Fortunately, these four gift ideas are sure to delight, giving you the opportunity to strengthen the bond between yourself and your daughter on their special day. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your daughter and you’re not sure where to begin, why not contact us here today? We’re more than happy to help you choose from our selection of fun, quirky, and playful gift ideas for your child!