What's In a Sham?

This is kind of an interesting part of our product catalog. People know what a pillow is, and they know what a jacket is, and they know what a blanket is. But what is a sham?

Most of us aren't really used to using this term, unless we’re interior designers, or we just really love home and garden magazines. Some may be more familiar with using the term in a derogatory way for something that's just not real.

With that in mind, a sham in home furnishings is a kind of pillow false front. It's what you can use to make a normal looking pillow look like a customized part of your interior design plan. Think of the sham as a helpful “façade” for your average everyday pillow. The pillow is the filling – the sham is the bright, colorful expression! That’s where we come in!

We offer some awesome pillow shams that bring our Penelope Wildberry color and style to your rooms and common spaces. Here are some of our best selling designs:

Tie-dyed sham – bright colors and spirals make this one of the most eye-catching pillow shams available.

Blue camo – lots of kids and others like our ice camo design with bold blue and gray scale components.

Black marble – this neat pattern seeks to imitate the grain of traditional marble on your pillow sham. It can be great to complement grayscale or earth tone patterns and furnishings.

Heartbeat turquoise – this one is really unique. Alternating turquoise and black with jagged lines create a dynamic sham pattern that will wow visitors.

Storm cloud – this is a more subtle and blended design that uses grayscale to achieve a specific kind of blended look.

Blankets and More

The sham is great, and it ships real easy, but this is by no means all that we offer, with deliberate thought into what’s most popular with our customer base. 

We have all of those things necessary to fill your home with brightness this season, and every season!

Our e-commerce catalog is really a world of imagination – check out our hoodies, pillows, blankets and more, for creative solutions for your home and allowing your kids to express themselves through their clothing and accessories. We all need a little brightness in our day sometimes! Get great delivery and excellent customer service from our Nevada location, to enjoy a bit of color in your life – because after all, what is life without color?