Your Child’s Favorite Colors

At Penelope Wildberry, we are proud to offer some of the brightest and most visually appealing blankets, garments, masks and other products through our proprietary e-commerce model that makes it easy for families to dress their little ones in ways that are pleasing to the eye.

Do you remember the old traditional color setups where color specialists used color swatches to match clothes to your “seasonal colors?”

In some ways, these programs are the legacy of the 1970s when all of this color analysis was done in analog with bits of cloth or paper cards, and people matched your colors to your “aura” or your birth date, in mystical, magical ways. 

The Digital Revolution

Today, color is mostly digital, with some important exceptions.

Instead of using swatches or cards, you're more likely to analyze color on a digital palate for various reasons. It's easier to use, in some cases, and more portable in most cases.

The key activity, though, remains the same – you take a person's particular profile and match it to very specific color intonations –in the 1970s, people often used rust orange tones or earth tones, or sky-blue colors…

Many of our products today use these, and also, extremely bright neon colors and other shades to bring a fun visual environment wherever they are worn. Instead of asking what someone’s aura visualizes, we’re more likely to ask what your favorite colors are. That way there’s a little more agency to it. 

Anyway… if you like color, we have something for you! Take a look at the designs we have developed at Penelope Wildberry to dress every day with eye-catching color and vibrant fun! We’re proud of what we’ve put together, and excited to offer you more through a bespoke ecommerce engine tied to a small, local business, not some faceless corporation. 

It’s in that spirit that we offer to you all of our stuff – our cozy blankets, tops and bottoms, and accessories, our mats and pillows and totes in colors and styles that inspire the imagination and scale the heights of the fantastic. We’re also pleased to offer youcompetitive shipping rates and easy ways to buy, with attention to protecting your personal information. 

Spend some time on the site, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Behind the scenes, we’re working away atPenelope Wildberry (it’s a labor of love, of course!) – to make every day of your child’s life a little brighter.